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Dear readers,

We are so excited to share the first issue of Journal of Interdisciplinary Language Studies (DADA) with you. The first issue of a journal is not just the articles in it. There is a months of preparation period behind the scenes. There are for sure several difficulties of publishing a journal for the first time. However, thanks to the excitement and high intrinsic motivation of our team, obstacles and impossibilities were overcome quickly. When preparing International DADA Journal, the best was aimed in terms of content and organization and here we present our journal to you.

Dear readers,

International DADA Journal is starting its publishing life placing importance to interdisciplinarity in language studies. We do not want to limit the language studies to grammar and want to publish studies particularly on linguistics and also on interdisciplinary studies comprising universal scientific fields (philosophy, sociology, theology, education, mathematics, logic and etc.). We are aiming at receiving the support of academicians who have the same opinion.

Dear readers,

The first issue of our journal (2020 December, Issue I.) includes articles in the fields related to language such as linguistics, ethnography, terminology, dialectology, and lexicology. Hereby, we would like to thank the academicians who supported our first issue.

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