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Ethical Principles


  • Articles are supposed to contribute to the field and be original.
  • If the articles are multi-authored, authors’ names must be ordered according to their level of contribution.
  • Authors are responsible for any kind of plagiarism in their articles.
  • Articles must not be sent to another journal.
  • Authors are considered to have accepted the publication and writing rules of this journal in advance.
  • Authors are responsible for attributions and references.


  • Referees must be objective when determining the scientific level of the articles to be published in the journal.
  • Referees must evaluate the articles relevant to their field of profession, accept the rules for blind review and must not let out any information related to articles.
  • Referees must be objective even if the articles are against their scientific opinions.
  • Referees must not use insulting and derogatory language in their reports.
  • Referees must not use too general and ambiguous expressions in their reports.
  • Referees must follow the rules about timing, otherwise they must contact the editors.


  • Editors must accept the articles in accordance with the publication policy of the journal and start the refereeing process.
  • Editors must be objective in the refereeing process.
  • Editors have the responsibility and authority in the publication of the articles.
  • Editors must follow the privacy principles in correspondence with both the authors and the referees.
  • Editors are responsible for scanning the articles for plagiarism using a software.
  • Editors are responsible for starting the necessary procedures for the articles sent to the journal as soon as possible and monitor the process.
  • In the committees, editors must not include the names of any individuals who do not have any contribution to the publication of the journal.

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